Oil & Gas

A brief history of our utilization of the Ecoraster product started in 2010 in a non-related industry but the management of B8 Ventures Ltd. quickly realized the Ecoraster product could be used for numerous applications in the Oil and Gas Industry.

B8 Ventures Ltd. introduced the Ecoraster product early in 2011 and has applied it to, Storage Tank base support, Pumpjack base support, Treater base support, Pipeline Crossing support, and Pipeline Riser support, used in conjunction with our patented Pipe Pillows; it can used to replace expensive pilings. Ecoraster is an Effective, Inexpensive Solution for our clients Ground Stabilization requirements that is Environmentally Friendly made of 100% recycled plastic.

We are currently building case studies to coincide with our broad offering of use in the Oil and Gas Industry.


  • Road Access
  • Pump Jack Bases
  • Storage Tank Containment Support
  • Loading Facilities
  • Drilling Sites
  • Pipeline Riser and Crossing Support