Ecoraster E40

Well used for Hard and Soft Landscaping and Gardening:
Great for Permeable Driveway or Permeable Parking areas, Pedestrian Roadways and Footpaths, Large event areas like open-air concerts and outdoor fairgrounds, beer gardens and farmer’s markets in public parks.
Agricultural uses include Open stables, Exercise areas, Paddocks, Washing areas, Trailer Loading and mud control around automatic watering systems.

Tested by TÜV and certified to comply with:

  • DIN 1072 – roads and foot bridges – vehicle point axle loading up to 20 metric tons / axle, or 120,000 kg/m² [i.e. 22.35 US Tons / axle, ca. 24,000 pounds/square foot]
  • DIN EN ISO 124/B125 – meets all requirements for automobile parking areas.
  • DIN 38412 – environmental neutrality – Production is actively monitored

Application Photos