Ecoraster E50

Well suited for extremely polluted areas, construction sites or emergency access roads, soft road shoulder re-inforcement, helicopter landing sites.

Heavy machinery and equipment access roads, turnaround areas, cattle squeezes and sorting chutes, high-traffic areas, gates, entrances to equipment storage and shops, etc.

Perfectly matches up the Ecoraster Bloxx Paving System.

Tested by TÜV and certified to comply with:

  • DIN 1072 – roads and foot bridges – vehicle point axle loading up to 20 metric tons / axle, or 700,000 kg/m² [i.e. 22.35 US Tons / axle, ca. 70,000 pounds/square foot]
  • DIN EN ISO 124/B125 – meets all requirements for automobile parking areas.
  • DIN 38412 – environmental neutrality – Production is actively monitored

Application Photos