Ecoraster X30

To ensure a level, stable, drainable sub surface beneath all types of unit paving stones, we now have the X30 model of Ecoraster. Paving stones are often challenging for the DIYer to install as the base has to be level in order to avoid shifting, lifting or heaving and dishing of individual stones. If there are ground drainage issues or unstable soil conditions, the resulting finished project can be compromised later and leading to tripping and poor stability of the paving stones. There are great cost savings involved when you incorporate Ecoraster X30 as a base stabilizer for your interlocking pavers.

The high quality, affordable grid allows for minimal base excavation which in turn saves time and money on labour, excavation, aggregate, and disposal fees. Commercial installers and developers feel the cost savings and find the associated cost savings far out way the initial cost of the X30. There are even higher cost savings when the location is remote or where aggregate is not as readily available thus being more expensive.

Application Photos