Pipe Pillows

Pipe Pillows were designed to safely support pipelines and durable enough to last the life of the pipeline. Pipe Pillows are made in Canada and manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. The design shape is able to transfer extreme loads very effectively through to virgin soil beneath. For softer ground conditions, Ecoraster is available to further distribute the load. Pipe Pillows are stackable for various height requirements. They are heavy enough to resist flotation, easy to handle and install. They are an inexpensive solution for pipe support.  Pipe Pillows are available in 2” – 6” and 8” – 10” profiles.

Available exclusively from B8 Ventures Ltd.

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Designed as a stable, long-lasting support for pipelines in trenches, Pipe Pillows also work extremely well outside the trench:

  • As a pipe support during the stringing processes
  • As an effective means to support exposed pipelines during and following integrity digs
  • As a low level pipe support when stockpiling pipes


Designed specifically for the industrial sector. Offering pipe support solutions for:

  • Pipeline Risers
  • Headers
  • Line Crossings
  • Load Lines
  • Storage Tank Containment Lines (will not damage liners)
  • Replaces expensive pilings and sandbags that deteriorate
  • Installation doesn’t require any specialized training
  • Increased productivity and site safety


Pipeline Height per Stacked Pillow
  13.5 lbs 2 3 4 5
2-6 inches 13.5 lbs 6" 9.5" 13.25" 16.75"
8-10 inches 13.5 lbs 6" 9.5" 13" 17"