The Ecoraster system allowed my landscaping company ‘BigShotz Landscape Design & Maintenance’ to install high performance concrete pavers with a much shorter installation time and with less base materials and labour costs. Interlocking installation is both highly competitive in pricing and is plagued with poor workmanship which often fails after one season, because corners are cut on the groundwork and installation. Ecoraster allowed us to be both competitive in pricing and complete the work properly and very quickly, and I cannot find any reason not to use it in every interlocking project. The savings in material, work, and time were 4 times the investment of the Ecoraster, and we completed the job in just over half the usual time and could move on to the next project. The base preparation and construction is never seen in the final product but is the most important part of the project and takes the longest. Ecoraster allows us to excavate to a shallower depth and saves us majorly in labour and still instils confidence that our projects are built to last for many years.

Collin Shotlander
Bigshotz Landscape Design & Maintenance

We at Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services Ltd. have been using Ecoraster E50 as a base under oilfield pumping units.  We primarily use Ecoraster when lease conditions are very soft and not favourable for a conventional gravel pad.  We have found that when using Ecoraster in soft or muddy lease conditions, we can compact gravel on top of the Ecoraster . Before the use of Ecoraster , we had difficulty building gravel pads on soft leases, as mud would mix with the gravel and we weren’t getting proper compaction.  We have noticed that with the use of Ecoraster , there has been far less settling of the soil beneath the pump unit.

We always recommend Ecoraster to our Customers for use under oilfield pumping units as the ground in our area has been very wet for the past several years.  We have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of re-sets and alignments needed when Ecoraster has been used.

Prairie Gold Pumpjack Services Ltd.