The owners and management team of B8 Ventures Ltd. have a combined 80+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as Civil and Commercial Construction.

With more than four decades of industry experience, we’re committed to making your next project stronger and more secure than ever before. ECORASTER® erosion control products are specially designed to offer permeable ground stabilization in the world’s most hostile environments. Constructed from 100 percent recycled materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the integrity of your project.

Whether you are looking for a strong stable base for your arena, mud control for livestock, building lease roads for construction or the oil and gas industry, or simply wanting an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pads for your hot tubs, boat ramps or holiday trailers, ECORASTER® has a product for you. No matter the size or complexity of your next undertaking, let us provide the stability it deserves.