There is no shortage of heavy use areas in agriculture and forestry applications: access roads, enclosures, holding areas and field access areas can cause problems due to mud, sludge and deep ruts from overuse and lack of adequate drainage. Wet conditions endanger the welfare of livestock and can result in high veterinary costs.  In freezing conditions, animals can easily trip and hurt themselves.

Make mud and sludge a thing of the past and create safe and hard-wearing surfaces. ECORASTER® permeable ground solutions creates durable and dependable roads, paddocks, livestock areas and more, reducing damage and ultimately overall maintenance costs.

ECORASTER® Applications:

» Enclosures

» Holding areas

ECORASTER® Benefits:

» Easy and quick installation

» 20-year Guarantee

» Stops trip hazards, puddles or ruts

» Durable

» Permeable

» Mud-Free gates and paddocks

» Significantly reduced maintenance

Your livestock and your wallet will thank you. With ECORASTER® your will see improved animal welfare and safety thanks to its drainage system. Natural soil usually provides adequate drainage – but often cannot offer the necessary load-bearing capacity. The use of ground reinforcement elements retains the drainage function of the soil while making the surface more durable. This prevents hoof problems due to wet conditions, protects the ground from being churned up and maintains an accessible surface in all kinds of weather.

In forestry applications the use of ECORASTER®  can help retain the topsoil in woodland areas. ECORASTER® elements are environmentally neutral and drinking water safe and therefore also suitable for sensitive (“organic”) agri-culture and forestry applications.

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Choosing Your Permeable Ground Reinforcement Solutions

Finding the permeable ground reinforcement solutions to fit your needs is all about determining the scale of your project. At B8 Ventures, we offer a multitude of ECORASTER® products which can be tailor-made to fit your needs in the forestry, agriculture, equestrian, and livestock industries. Some examples include:

  • Ecoraster E40: The E40 is suitable for those high-traffic areas which tend to take a beating on a daily basis. That includes areas like paddocks and feed areas, outdoor fairgrounds, and barn floors.
  • Ecoraster E50: One of the more durable ground stabilization products available, the E50 has the ability to hold up to a challenge. This solution is suitable for professional equestrian arenas, western riding arenas, and more.
  • Ecoraster E30: Soil stabilization matting, like the E30, provides reliable structural support and erosion control for gardens, equestrian riding arenas, dog runs, chicken runs, and a whole lot more.

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