Erosion control is important not only for your own health and safety, but for the stability and performance of your structure, landscaping, road, and other areas of need. When it comes to sustainable erosion control, nothing works better than the Ecoraster line of products. Read our blog to learn the many advantages of erosion control, why it’s important, and how you can implement sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for your industrial or personal needs. Contact B8 Ventures to learn more.

  1. How To Prevent Mud And Erosion Around Your Horse Barn

    Whether you are operating an outdoor equestrian arena, a stable, or perhaps both, you already know how much of a nuisance mud can be. Not only is mud unsightly and unpleasant, it can it make life difficult on your horses, making it harder for them to move, but did you know that mud can also reduce g…Read More

  2. A better solution for winter conditions

    During the hot summer months, the last thing on everyone’s mind right now is snow. If you are in the construction industry, however, cold weather is definitely impacting your life. Permeability and frost are a concern for builders year round as they plan their projects. Things need to start either…Read More

  3. How Does Erosion Occur?

    The old expression states, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, the Grand Canyon wasn’t formed in a day either — it took years and years of naturally occurring erosion in order to form that majestic natural wonder. But the result of erosion isn’t always quite as wondrous. Oftentimes, eros…Read More

  4. How To Fix Potholes: A New Solution To An Old Problem

    Potholes sure are a pain in the asphault. There aren’t many things more frustrating, annoying, and temporarily paralyzing than driving along the road and having your car sink (or scrape) into a pothole. Whether it’s the freeway or a downtown main street, potholes tend to crop up all over the pla…Read More