When road shoulders are built, they’re constructed next to pavement that’s rigid and inflexible. The shoulder should be able to provide space for emergency vehicles while still offering a degree of structural stability for the road itself — paved or unpaved. Plus, shoulders can often have a drop-off due to surface runoff, which can ultimately be hazardous to drivers.

When ECORASTER® permeable paving grids are deployed at the shoulder of a road, vehicles of all sizes can enjoy unparalleled stability for at least 20 years. These permeable pavers and ground stabilization solutions come backed by a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, but they have been known to last for even longer. That’s because these are the best, most durable, and most reliable geogrid systems known to man — and you can find them here at B8 Ventures!

Permeable Paving: The Way Of The Future

Every road, whether paved or unpaved, should have a reliable ground stabilization support system implemented. This not only aids with erosion control, but creates a safe environment for drivers. This is imperative for cities, municipalities, and even county roads.

With the ECORASTER®permeable paving grids, there’s never a worry as to whether or not the road will be able to hold up to its environment. These interlocking grids provide sub-base stability, enhanced erosion control, and prevent the migration of harmful infill materials.

There’s no better way to improve the structural support of your construction site, road, or other area in need than with ECORASTER® permeable paving.

Some of the applicable products offered by B8 Ventures include:

  • Ecoraster S50: Designed to hold up in the toughest conditions, the Ecoraster S50 provides reliable, environmentally-friendly ground support for construction sites, hillsides, footpaths, and more.
  • Ecoraster Bloxx: Talk about reliability. The Ecoraster Bloxx are made from sustainable, recycled materials but still hold up and provide structural stability in virtually any terrain. If you’re looking for permeable paving for parking lots, driveways, emergency lanes, race tracks, roads, and more, then Bloxx is the way to go.

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