E30 Datasheet

Ecoraster products are state-of-the-art geogrid systems designed to boost sub-base and soil stability. It does so through an interlocking network of cells that provide strong structural support. Lightweight, easy to install and manufactured from 100 percent recycled materials, the Ecoraster E30 soil stabilization matting is designed for gardening and landscaping needs, and the E30 provides years of steady and reliable service.

Soil Stabilization Matting Solutions

A few of the applications that the E30 is ideal for include:

  • Footpaths and cycling lanes
  • Bases for nature paths
  • Outdoor hot tub bases
  • Garden shed flooring
  • Dog runs and kennels
  • Indoor/outdoor equestrian riding arenas

Installation is extremely easy. First, you’ll want to determine the specific load requirements for your project. Excavate the appropriate depth for your sub base, then place and pack down gravel. After that, you’ll lay down your E30 soil stabilization matting. Since the sheets arrive in 3×4 sections, you can lay them down in any direction you like. Finally, lay grass/sod or gravel/sand on top.

All of our products carry a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment will continue to pay dividends throughout the years. The E30 is built to last, and it can withstand sub-arctic temperatures and the hottest summer days alike. Plus, these soil stabilization mats are environmentally neutral, so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Safety. Stability. Security. The E30 by B8 Ventures provides all that and more. To place your order, contact us by phone or online today.