X30 Datasheet

Made with environmental responsibility and sustainability in mind, Ecoraster geogrid systems are designed to offer sturdy and permeable soil stabilization for a variety of industrial and personal applications.

That seems pretty straightforward, but any DIYer will tell you that adding paving stones to any project can be a challenge. The base absolutely needs to be level to prevent shifting or lifting of individual stones. If unstable soil conditions or ground drainage problems exist, the end result can not only look bad but will create poor stability and tripping hazards.

That’s where the Ecoraster X30 matting comes in. Learn more about our permeable soil stabilization solutions and place your order today.

Permeable Soil Stabilization Solutions

X30 provides a stable base for the following projects:

  • Interlocking concrete pavers
  • Flagstones
  • Artificial grass
  • Base reduction for all paved surfaces
  • Dog runs
  • Chicken runs

Installation of the X30 is fast and intuitive. You’ll first excavate for your sub-base to project specifications. Next, place and pack gravel to provide proper drainage. Then, simply place the 3×4 sections of X30 sheets in any direction you want. Install your concrete pavers or flagstone in the way you prefer, ensuring a surface that’s stable and level.

Like other Ecoraster products, the X30 is completely made from recycled materials, yet it has the capability to withstand tons of pressure. These permeable soil stabilization solutions also have the durability to resist extremes in temperatures, as well as corrosive solvents and materials. Commercial installers and developers tell us the cost savings thoroughly outweigh the initial costs of the X30, particularly in remote locations or when aggregate availability is scarce.

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