The old expression states, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Well, the Grand Canyon wasn’t formed in a day either — it took years and years of naturally occurring erosion in order to form that majestic natural wonder.

But the result of erosion isn’t always quite as wondrous.

Oftentimes, erosion can wreak havoc on buildings, farmland, and other necessary parts of life and business. It’s times like these when erosion control is so vital.

At B8 Ventures, we are committed to providing top-notch erosion control solutions for a number of environmental and industrial applications — from landscaping to oil and gas to construction industries.

When it comes to sustainable erosion control, Ecoraster is second to none. Learn more about these world-class permeable ground reinforcement solutions and contact us today to place an order.

The Basics Of Erosion

Chances are, you first learned about erosion in your grade school years. But just to freshen things up, this blog is going to serve as a reminder of how it occurs while also providing some insight on how to control this powerful natural process.

Erosion is essentially the process by which the earth gets worn and whittled down. Elements such as wind, water, and gravity can cause erosion by displacing soil, rocks, and other materials and carrying them elsewhere.

Over time, the displacement and/or removal of these materials can cause the area to look drastically different — whether it’s a river cutting a wider and wider gap between the banks or it’s the wind creating an uneven surface on your property.

Water and ice can also cause erosion on highways and other roads, ultimately leading to potholes and other concerns.

When it comes to the integrity of buildings and other structures, erosion can cause problems there as well. If erosion starts to occur at the foundation, then the foundation will ultimately become unstable and unsupported, leading to cracks and other problems.

Erosion can also lead to a loss of topsoil on a farm, which in turn creates unsustainable farmland and can ultimately lead to drought-like conditions.

Simply put, erosion can create astonishing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon — but the flip side of it is the unwanted consequences which can cause structural problems and even disaster.

Sustainable Erosion Control

So, what’s the answer to sustainable erosion control?

The key is taking preventative measures before erosion can really become a problem — whether you’re constructing a new municipal road or you’re simply looking to install a hot tub in your backyard.

Nothing compares to Ecoraster erosion control matting for this very task. Ecoraster stands alone when it comes to erosion control because of its interlocking grid system which allows for maximum permeability without compromising infill integrity.

Not to mention, Ecoraster is a preferred choice among engineers, landscapers, and oil and gas industry professionals because it is built from 100 percent recycled materials, yet it’s durable enough to hold up to extreme weights and temperatures while also withstanding chemicals and acids.

Where can you buy Ecoraster? If you’re in Canada, you can find all of the erosion control products you need right here at B8 Ventures.

Learn more about Ecoraster erosion control applications and contact us today.