Potholes sure are a pain in the asphault.

There aren’t many things more frustrating, annoying, and temporarily paralyzing than driving along the road and having your car sink (or scrape) into a pothole.

Whether it’s the freeway or a downtown main street, potholes tend to crop up all over the place and wreak havoc on drivers.

If you’re a road engineer or a local department of transportation in charge of building and maintaining roads, potholes can be frustrating to you as well. You never want to see a giant hole in the middle of your work, after all, and if there is one then odds are you’ve heard about it over and over again from concerned citizens.

So how do you go about fixing potholes? Or better yet, how do you prevent potholes from occuring in the first place? The answer is, really, quite simple.

With the erosion control solutions provided by B8 Ventures, engineers and construction workers who are building and maintaining roads throughout Canada have a reliable means of eliminating potholes for good.

Think of the Ecoraster erosion control products that we offer as a new solution to an old problem, which is how to fix potholes.

Keep reading to learn more about how to fix potholes with reliable, sustainable, and permeable erosion control methods and contact B8 Ventures today to get started.

How Do Potholes Form?

Potholes are a major issue on roads all throughout the world, but they can be particularly pesky in areas which experience a lot of moisture or drastic changes in temperature.

Does that sound like Canada? Considering the fact that the city of Toronto recently repaired more than 8,000 potholes in one fell swoop during a single weekend in January 2018, it’s safe to say that potholes are a major concern with roads here.

Why is this? To understand why potholes are so prevalent, we need to first understand how potholes are formed.

Essentially, potholes are formed by the constant expansion and contraction of ground water which has seeped its way beneath the road pavement. This ground water is constantly expanding and contracting when the temperature changes — it expands when it freezes, for instance — which is why many potholes tend to form after the winter season.

This constant fluctuation eventually destabilizes the strength of the pavement (and the ground beneath the pavement), ultimately causing it to crack and sink as the weight of each of every car that passes over the area is absorbed.

So what’s the best way to solve this problem? There are many methods which are used by road crews, including placing a “patch” or by replacing the loose rock and dirt with a paver base that is heavily compacted.

However, there’s a more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly way to go about patching, fixing, and preventing potholes.

Through the use of Ecoraster erosion control products, road workers can stabilize the ground while still allowing it to receive the moisture and nutrients it needs in order to thrive.

A New Solution

With permeable ground pavers from B8 Ventures, which is the leading distributor of Ecoraster erosion control products in Canada, you can get a new solution to the old problem of fixing potholes.

These erosion control products are known to provide reliable, sustainable solutions to a variety of surfaces which would normally be susceptible to potholes.

Rather than opting for a “patch,” which only serves as a quick and temporary fix, engineers and construction workers around the country are instead utilizing Ecoraster ground reinforcement systems for their road projects.

Whether in a parking lot or on a road shoulder, Ecoraster products are ideal for permeable, sustainable ground reinforcement and erosion control.

When you’re in need of a reliable solution to fix potholes for good, here are a couple of erosion control products to consider:

  • Ecoraster S50: This super-elastic ground reinforcement grid is designed specifically for the construction and landscaping space, providing a carrying load of up to 20 tons with an unlimited lifespan. That makes this system ideal for road and footbridge construction to prevent and fix potholes once and for all.
  • Ecoraster Bloxx: If high performance permeable paving is what you’re looking for, then the Bloxx system is what you need. This concrete permeable paving solution is salt and weather resistant, carries a high infiltration rate without compromising stability, and works great for roads, shoulder reinforcement, parking lots, and driveways.

Learn more about how to fix potholes with efficient erosion control and contact B8 Ventures today to get started.