Create more natural, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance areas quickly and easily with our ECORASTER® ground reinforcement system. From greened parking lots to golf cart paths, ECORASTER® ensures the accessibility of your golf course without losing any of your natural aesthetic. Thanks to the versatile use of our high-quality “Made in Canada” products, you can create durable areas while maintaining the natural characteristics of the ground. You benefit twice: your guests will appreciate the naturally green ambience while you save money and time.

ECORASTER® Applications:

» Walkways

» Erosion protection

ECORASTER® Benefits:

» Easy and quick installation

» No clogging

» Stops trip hazards, puddles or ruts

» Integrated drainage

» Permeable

» Mud-Free walkway

» Significantly reduced maintenance

» No need for grout-ing

First and foremost, these high-quality and permeable ground reinforcement products excel at immediately removing mud from high traffic areas. Meaning that your guests can enjoy their day on the course, even in the rain.

You can rely on B8 Ventures to provide the best permeable ground reinforcement solutions. Contact us today to get more information or to place your first order.

Choosing Your Permeable Ground Reinforcement Solutions

Finding the permeable ground reinforcement solutions to fit your golf course is all about determining the location of your project on your golf course. At B8 Ventures, we offer a multitude of ECORASTER® products which can be tailor-made to fit your needs.

  • Ecoraster E40: The E40 is suitable for those high-traffic areas which tend to take a beating on a daily basis. That includes areas like paddocks and feed areas, outdoor fairgrounds, and barn floors.
  • Ecoraster E30: Soil stabilization matting, like the E30, provides reliable structural support and erosion control for gardens, equestrian riding arenas, dog runs, chicken runs, and a whole lot more.

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