ECORASTER® products have practical, and downright unbeatable, applications for landscapers and homeowners.

One of the most common uses is as a permeable ground stabilizer for bike paths, nature paths, and walking trails, but these permeable grass pavers can also be used for landscaping purposes such as reliable garden shed flooring. Got a home away from home? ECORASTER® is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete boat ramps and RV parking at your recreational property.

Those looking for permeable grass pavers that will also provide for reliable ground stabilization and erosion control should look no further. The ECORASTER® line of products is built to serve as the only ground stabilization you will need for any project, large or small.

ECORASTER® Applications:

» Pathways

ECORASTER® Benefits:

» Easy and quick installation

» 20-year guarantee

» Stops trip hazards, puddles or ruts

» Integrated drainage

» Permeable

» Mud-Free walkway

» Significantly reduced maintenance

When it comes to permeable ground stabilization solutions for landscaping application, careful attention must be paid to the toughness and properties of each product.

Some of the more durable models, like ECORASTER®  Bloxx and the X30, are designed to handle paver stones and asphalt surfaces for driveways and parking lots. They are also a sustainable and easy alternative to concrete for RV parking and boat ramps.

However, the ECORASTER®  E30 model is one of the more frequent permeable grass pavers that is used for landscaping purposes.

The E-30 line has the ability to serve as a base for nature paths and bike lanes but is more commonly utilized for residential purposes such as:

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Choosing Your Permeable Ground Reinforcement Solutions

Finding the permeable ground reinforcement solutions to fit your golf course is all about determining the location of your project on your golf course. At B8 Ventures, we offer a multitude of ECORASTER® products which can be tailor-made to fit your needs.

  • Ecoraster E40: The E40 is suitable for those high-traffic areas which tend to take a beating on a daily basis. That includes areas like paddocks and feed areas, outdoor fairgrounds, and barn floors.
  • Ecoraster E30: Soil stabilization matting, like the E30, provides reliable structural support and erosion control for gardens, equestrian riding arenas, dog runs, chicken runs, and a whole lot more.

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