When it comes to constructing permeable, reliable, and downright sustainable fire lanes, do you know which materials are best?

Ecoraster products are designed to withstand the test of time — and even the test of harsh elements like fire — without compromise.

In fact, Ecoraster products are tested to meet the requirements of DIN 4102 — one of the highest flammability standards known in the international manufacturing industry.

Meeting and exceeding these requirements is something that few landscape architects are equipped for — but here at B8 Ventures, we are happy to provide fire-resistant, sustainable, and permeable ground support solutions that stand apart from other methods.

In short, Ecoraster products can easily exceed all requirements for fire access roads — making them the logical choice for a number of reasons.

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Importance Of Emergency Lanes

Having a reinforced emergency lane is important because it allows you to create a sustainable surface that protects against the elements — including ice, fire, and everything in between — without compromising the structural integrity of the road.

The Ecoraster Bloxx is designed to create permeable paving solutions that won’t crumble or compromise, no matter what.

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Why Choose Ecoraster?

Ecoraster products are ideal for the construction and implementation of fire lanes for a number of reasons.

For starters, these permeable paving solutions are made from 100 percent recycled plastic that is environmentally friendly yet tough enough to withstand heavy pressure, harsh chemicals and natural elements, and even extreme temperatures.

Ecoraster products are also ultra lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and install while still being tough enough to withstand heavy traffic in just about any situation.

When building a fire access lane, you also need materials that won’t crumble under extreme duress — and the DIN 4012 certification means that Ecoraster products are able to withstand the highest flammability standard without burning, melting, or crumbling.

Additional benefits of products like the Ecoraster Bloxx include:

  • High performance permeable paving
  • Weather and salt resistant
  • High load, minimal maintenance
  • Very high infiltration rate
  • Resistant to UV and aggressive solvents
  • Seamless fit with other Ecoraster systems
  • Proven safety locking system
  • Made from 100 percent recycled LDPE
  • German design
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Versatile applications

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