Think about the colour green for a second.

What feelings does ‘green’ evoke? Some may think of money. Some may think of envy — which in turn typically goes back to money.

But what about the colour green with regard to our environment? What does green mean in that context? Lush trees, springtime, happiness, warmth, health. All of these things can be associated with “green living.”

When planning for urban development, the importance of greenspace simply can’t be overstated. Not only does greenspace look a whole lot better than dull, dreary shades of grey that have plagued cities for far too long, it’s better for our environment as well. This is particularly true when it comes to parking spaces.

Cities are plagued with acres of concrete; from driveways to parking lots there is concrete as far as the eye can see. Concrete is made from cement which is one of the primary producers of carbon dioxide – one of the most potent greenhouse gases. It also damages topsoil, and is hard on our environment in terms of water run-off, natural cooling etc…But what if you could find a way to “pave” that didn’t include concrete?

With Ecoraster permeable ground stabilization solutions, your overflow parking project doesn’t have to be an eyesore of a radiating hot asphalt slab. Instead, you can create an overflow parking area, driveway, or path without taking away that lush and valuable greenspace whatsoever.

The Benefits Of Greenspace

Studies have shown that greenspace in people’s living environment actually improves people’s’ perceived general health. That means greenspace is more than just a luxury or something that is aesthetically pleasing — it actually allows people to feel healthier and happier with their surroundings and their overall level of health.

Additional benefits of having greenspace in your parking lot developmental area include:

  • Erosion Control: It’s a known fact that having foliage like grass, plants, and other “green” can help reduce erosion. That’s because of the roots, which entrench themselves within the soil and thus hold it in place a lot better than bare space or asphalt would.
  • Less Heat: Black or grey pavement gets hot — real hot — when the sun is shining. Parking lots, for example, can sometimes have a temperature difference around 30 degrees between shaded and non-shaded areas. Greenspace allows that type of drastic ground temperature to be avoided altogether.
  • Air Quality: Of course, it’s only natural that living, breathing plants and grass will help with the air quality of the area. This can help with the location’s climate, reduce polluted runoff, and even reduce energy consumption.

What Is Permeable Ground Stabilization?

In order to better understand how you can create an efficient parking lot without compromising greenspace, it’s important to also understand the basics of permeable ground stabilization.

With permeable ground stabilization, you get an opportunity to create a base layer of support for soil, grass, and other foundations which helps to prevent erosions, sinking, and other natural effects

While concrete creates a cap to cover, and hold up the earth its stabilizing. Permeable ground solutions stabilize down into the soil, without losing the green plants systems that are also holding the ground in place. Permeable ground solutions allow water to filter through the soil, for more natural run-off. Instead of parking lot lakes that can turn to ice in the winter, permeable ground systems allow the water to flow down and through, while supporting the soil to keep erosion and dust at bay.

Greenspace Parking Solutions

With Ecoraster E40 and E40 ground stabilization systems, developers and engineers have a reliable, sustainable means of creating an overflow parking lot without having to worry about negative environmental effects.

B8 Ventures is Canada’s leading authorized distributor of these Ecoraster products — simply contact us to request more information.

  • Ecoraster E40: The E40 ground stabilization system was designed to provide additional strength to foundational soil without compromising the existing (or planned) greenspace. These porous, permeable grid pavers are durable, made 100 percent from recycled materials, and designed to provide reliable erosion control. What’s more, the Ecoraster system is simple and quick to install. Whether it’s for a driveway, parking lot, boat storage, or temporary event parking, the E40 system will hold up.
  • Ecoraster E50: The E50 permeable ground stabilization grid builds off what the E40 offers and provides more toughness and durability for those larger projects. Known as the “indestructible grid,” the E50 system is ideal for parking lots and driveways with snowy conditions, roads, grass parking pads, and a whole lot more.

If you are searching for a reliable means of permeable ground stabilization that will allow for the construction of an overflow parking lot, boat storage, temporary event parking, or simply to help with erosion without disrupting the greenspace, then these Ecoraster products are right for the job.

Contact B8 Ventures to get started or to request more information.