The first and best thing to consider when taking on any home or land improvement job is this: not every contractor is equal.

It’s important that you perform your due diligence when searching for the right contractor to get the job done quickly, correctly, efficiently, and with the right materials.

This is one thing that is often overlooked with construction projects, particularly those outdoor construction projects which have many different factors to consider — including how to stabilize the ground and the pavers that are being used.

When searching for contractors in Canada, it’s highly recommended to find a trusted company which utilizes the best in permeable ground stabilization solutions — and those in the industry happen to know that the best ground stabilization matting happens to be the Ecoraster X30.

At B8 Ventures, we provide unique, sustainable, and downright effective permeable ground stabilization solutions to a variety of industries — including the contracting industry — in order to help grow the world through environmentally friendly ground support solutions.

When it comes to interlocking and stabilizing concrete pavers, or any type of paver for that matter, the use of the X30 can make a world of difference. These permeable ground stabilization pavers were made with sustainability and environmental consciousness at the forefront, and entrusting these products within the realm of stabilizing pavers can ensure that you have a long-lasting project that won’t be susceptible to erosion or other environmental pitfalls.

Keep reading to learn more about stabilizing pavers with the Ecoraster X30 and contact B8 Ventures for more advice and solutions about permeable ground stabilization.

About X30

What is it about the Ecoraster X30 that makes it the best solution for stabilizing pavers?

Well first of all, the Ecoraster X30 base reinforcement system is environmentally friendly, as it’s made from 100 percent recycled materials. But that doesn’t mean it is flimsy or fragile; in fact, the X30 system is fully capable of withstanding tons of pressure — literally — while also being resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, oil, diesel, gasoline, and natural elements like rain and snow.

The X30 is the ultimate permeable ground stabilization unit for construction and landscaping projects, which is why it’s ideal to ask your contractor if it’s the solution they prefer when it comes to stabilizing pavers. Whether it’s interlocking a concrete paver base, serving as a base reduction for paved surfaces, stabilizing artificial grass, or serving as a support layer for flagstones, the X30 is the best for stabilizing pavers of any and all types.

Some other things to know about the X30 ground stabilization system include:

  • Unlimited lifespan
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Applicable to roads and food bridges
  • Great for interlocking paver bases
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Allows for proper drainage and permeability
  • Available to DIY-ers and professional contractors alike

Contact B8 Ventures today to learn more about our permeable ground stabilization solutions.

Why It Matters

So why does it matter which materials and processes your contractor uses? Well that’s an easy question to answer.

Because you’re going to pay for their work either way — why not make sure it’s the absolute best that it can be?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a contractor for your home or office landscaping project, and the use of the highest quality materials should always be at the forefront of that list.

Here are a few other things to consider when it comes to hiring a contractor:

  • Environment: Does your contractor have the environment in mind when undertaking a project? Having that consciousness will not only ensure your project is sustainable and long-lasting, but it also ensures that your carbon footprint remains at a minimum.
  • Trust: Price is an important thing to consider — you want to make sure your project fits within your budget, after all — but it really shouldn’t be the only factor. You should also be comfortable with the contractor’s communication, personality, and reputation.
  • Reliability: All things considered, the thing you should really want the most is for the job to get done right the first time. Do you have past examples of the contractor’s work? Do you have reviews and testimonials to go off of? These are things to look for when choosing a contractor.

Whether you’re in for a DIY project, in need of a contractor, or you are a contractor, it’s important to remember that not all contractors are equal. And only the best utilize the X30 when it comes to stabilizing pavers. Learn more about permeable ground stabilization from B8 Ventures and get the most out of your project.