Let’s face it: mud is a problem that owners and operators of any type of equine arena — whether it’s a barn or an outdoor riding facility — have to contend with.

That’s just a fact.

But here’s another fact for you: we know that Ecoraster products are the best (and most reliable) solutions when it comes to permeable ground stabilization in any environment.

So how do these two well-known facts coexist with one another? It’s simple.

When it comes to controlling mud, erosion, and ground reinforcement in an equestrian arena, there’s no better method for support than Ecoraster ground stabilization matting.

Built to provide permeable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly support, Ecoraster products help protect your horses and the arena itself from the effects of mud, erosion, and other issues.

In an earlier blog, we discussed a few tips on how to prevent mud and erosion in your horse arena.

We noted that Ecoraster products are the best solution for these types of problems, but one thing we didn’t do is dive into the specifics.

So in this blog, we’re going to discuss which Ecoraster products provide the best permeable ground stabilization and support for equine arenas.

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Why Choose Ecoraster?

First of all, it’s important that we list the benefits of Ecoraster ground stabilization matting for equine arenas.

Not only does Ecoraster keep you (and, just as importantly, your horses) safe from soil compaction, mud, and even erosion, it also provides a much-needed layer of insulation.

Ground stability is imperative in an area of high foot and hoof traffic, such as an equestrian riding arena, which is why having Ecoraster on your side can make a world of difference.

These easy-to-install solutions are also environmentally friendly, made from 100 percent recyclable material, and they excel at removing puddles of water and mud immediately. Flexible, durable, and reliable, Ecoraster ground stabilizers are exactly what any equine arena needs to thrive.

Now, let’s dive into which Ecoraster products are best for this application.

Ecoraster E40

The Ecoraster E40 grids were built for equestrian applications.

Made to provide sustainable support in high-traffic areas, while also controlling erosion and water drainage efficiently, the E40 is the perfect stabilizer for equestrian riding arenas.

Additionally, the flexibility and easy installation makes the E40 an ideal solution for equine arenas, largely because you get the opportunity to lay them out in any direction you need.

How can you know that the E40 is heavy duty enough to hold up to hoof traffic? Additional applications for these geogrids include providing support for parking lots, roads, barn floors, and more.

Simply dig a sub-base layer, install your interlocking Ecorasters, pack down your top layer, and start riding comfortably and with peace of mind!

Ecoraster E30

Slightly less heavy-duty but still as reliable, the Ecoraster E30 permeable ground stabilization matting is perfect for agricultural applications.

Whether you are constructing a nature path, a dog run, garden shed flooring, or even an equestrian riding arena, the E30 grids provide the support you need.

Ecoraster S50

Sustainable. Permeable. Flexible.

With slightly more flexibility than the other options, the Ecoraster S50 is ideal for those situations in which you need permeable ground support for water drainage and erosion control.

When it comes to equestrian riding arenas, the S50 delivers.

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