Everybody loves a hot tub.

How could they not? It’s one of the most luxuriously relaxing ways to lounge. It also makes for an ambient setting, soothes sore muscles, aches, and pains, and revitalizes after a long, hard day of work. Buying a new hot tub for the backyard can be an exciting prospect.

However, installing that hot tub might just be trickier than you initially thought out. There’s a whole lot of planning that goes into proper installation of a hot tub, and one of the most important aspects to consider is the ground.

Having a permeable ground stabilization system can help you and your hot tub thrive for years to come. After all, the whole purpose of having a hot tub is to soak — not to sink.

Keep reading for a few tips on what to consider before installing a hot tub, and contact B8 Ventures to get the soil stabilization equipment that truly makes a difference.

Prior, Proper Planning

When it comes to buying and installing a new hot tub, it’s imperative that you remember and follow the law of the six P’s: prior proper planning prevents poor performance.

There are no shortage of factors to take into consideration when deciding where you should put your new bubbling toy, and the first thing to think about is the location.

You can’t simply put the hot tub wherever you want for the sake of convenience, such as right outside your door (though, that would be nice if it worked out that way). There are several safety considerations that you must take into account in order to minimize the risk of accident. Some of those factors include:

  • Overhead: Take a look up above. If there are power lines, trees, or other potentially dangerous things hanging over the spot where you want to put your hot tub, that’s going to be a no-go. A downed power line would spell disaster if it happened to fall into the hot tub, particularly if there were guests inside. The same goes for a fallen tree branch. Be sure that the area is clear overhead before setting your hot tub anywhere.
  • Water Proximity: As you are well-aware, a hot tub does need to be filled with water. But what you may not know is that it’s not a set it and forget it type of appliance. A hot tub needs to be drained and refilled at least three times per year. In order to avoid hauling bucket after bucket for hours, be sure that you are setting up your tub in close proximity of a water source and/or a hose.
  • Electricity: While you don’t want to be too close to electricity, you are going to need a power source in order to operate the hot tub. Be sure that you’re setting up at least five feet from a power source.
  • Ground Control: Perhaps the most important thing to consider when installing a hot tub is the ground surface. You certainly don’t want a lumpy, bumpy surface throwing your whole tub off-kilter. And you also don’t want to place the tub in an area which is going to be prone to erosion or poor drainage. With an appliance like a hot tub, water is bound to penetrate the ground below in large quantities, which means you need to take extra precautions to know exactly how to stabilize the ground so that problems don’t occur. That’s where B8 Ventures comes in.

Permeable Ground Stabilization

The Ecoraster E30 serves as the best outdoor hot tub padding and permeable ground stabilization solution all in one. With an interlocking grid system to allow for maximum support and water permeability, Ecoraster matting is a world-class, sustainable solution for a variety of needs.

Not to mention, this erosion control matting is made for quick and easy installation. Before you install your hot tub, all you have to do is properly size your Ecoraster E30 grid, dig a sub-base layer (4-6 inches), place your grids, and fill accordingly with gravel or soil. Then, your hot tub will have the perfect base on which to sit for years, without having to worry about erosion or other issues.

It’s really as simple as that. When it comes to permeable ground stabilization, Ecoraster is the No. 1 name worldwide. And when it comes to Canada, B8 Ventures has the ground covered as an exclusive supplier. Contact us today to place an order.