Taking care of our environment is more important than ever before.

With concerns about erosion, pollution, and other environmental problems on the rise, anything we can do to create a more sustainable planet should be implemented wherever and whenever possible.

On that same note, we also have to take care of ourselves and our homes — from our personal properties to our farms and businesses.

That’s where B8 Ventures comes in.

Our company aims to create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and stronger Earth by providing versatile permeable ground stabilization products for a variety of uses.

With more than four decades of industry experience, B8 Ventures is dedicated to providing strength and protection to your projects, from road construction to grass stabilization and more.

B8 Ventures is Canada’s leading distributor of the innovative Ecoraster ground support products, from the versatile Ecoraster Bloxx permeable paving solutions to the E50 heavy duty permeable ground stabilization units.

We are all about providing safe, practical, affordable, and above all eco-friendly solutions to our clients in a variety of industries. That’s why you can always count on the Ecoraster products we offer.

These permeable ground stabilization products are made from 100 percent recycled materials, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while still getting the unflinching ground stability you need even in the most hostile of environments.

Keep reading to learn more about B8 Ventures and the Ecoraster products we offer, and contact our team today to place your initial order.

Our Products

As we mentioned above, B8 Ventures is proud to offer the best in class when it comes to permeable ground stabilization, erosion control, and more.

By partnering with the Ecoraster brand, we have the ability to cover more ground — literally — and provide worthwhile, eco-friendly solutions to our partners in Canada and beyond.

The Ecoraster geogrid system is renowned worldwide for its ability to improve sub-base and soil stability in a variety of conditions — whether it’s a construction site, a mountain road, or even a residential hot tub pad.

Lightweight, reusable, durable, and easy to install, Ecoraster ground stabilization units are the answer for trusted ground reinforcement no matter where you are. Keep in mind that these products are also oil, gas, and acid resistant and made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Among the products we offer are:

  • Ecoraster E30-E50: Built to last and provide trusted ground stabilization in a variety of conditions and environments, the Ecoraster “E” line is great for a variety of applications. These geogrid systems are permeable, sustainable, and designed to take a beating — the E50 being the strongest of them all, built for things like parking lots, roads, construction sites, helicopter landing pads, military applications, and more.
  • Ecoraster X30: These permeable ground stabilization units are built with an eye on environmental responsibility and sustainability . The X30 allows you to add paving stones to your matting safely and easily, avoiding the mess and potential for tripping hazards almost entirely.
  • Ecoraster S50: Made for heavy-duty erosion control, the S50 line offers flexibility and stability in the most challenging situations. From professional riding arenas, to worn out footpaths, to highway hillsides, the S50 is your trusted answer.
  • Ecoraster Bloxx: If you’re searching for permeable paving, then the Ecoraster Bloxx is right for you. Providing a permeable parking, walking, and driving surface, the Bloxx are designed to support the heaviest of loads without caving, crumbling, or shifting. Think of Bloxx next time you are constructing a parking lot, driveway, road shoulder, pool, deck, and more.
  • Pipe Pillows: Providing a certain degree of comfort and stability to pipes, no matter in what environment, can be largely beneficial. Pipe pillows are designed for pipe support within trenches and other areas, allowing heavy loads to be transported without compromising the structural integrity of the site.

Ecoraster Applications

While we touched upon some of these applications briefly above, it’s important to point out the many uses for Ecoraster permeable ground stabilization products. With B8 Ventures, you can protect your land or project from erosion while minimizing the carbon footprint you leave behind. Some industrial applications include:

  • Landscaping ground reinforcement: Outdoor hot tub padding, garden shed flooring, asphalt surfaces, backyard pools, decks, and hot tubs, walkways, nature paths.
  • Erosion control for oil and gas sites: Mining and drilling sites, pump jack bases, storage tank containment, parking areas.
  • Permeable ground reinforcement for equestrian arenas, livestock pens, and agriculture industries: Chicken coops, outdoor riding arenas, dairy barns, farm vehicle access lanes, gardens and farms, garden sheds, footpaths, nature paths, dog runs, and more.
  • Permeable paving: Construction and municipality use, road stability, construction sites, hill sites, footpaths, driveways, parking lots, race tracks, road shoulders, and more.

As you can see, there is no shortage of practical applications for these eco-friendly, permeable ground stabilization products. Contact B8 Ventures today to get more info or to place your order.