The need for reliable, durable, sustainable, and permeable ground stabilization has been a necessity since the dawn of construction.

As technology continues to innovate and knowledge around the topic continues to expand, we are finding newer and more efficient ways to reinforce the ground with which we are working — whether it’s in construction, landscaping, oil/gas, or another industry.

When it comes to reliable, permeable soil stabilization, nothing has you — or the ground — covered quite like Ecoraster.

With a wide range of benefits and applications, Ecoraster geogrid matting is second to none when it comes to providing solid structural support and soil stabilization efficiency.

This blog will cover but a few Ecoraster applications, but the possibilities and savings don’t end here; contact B8 Ventures today to learn more about our Ecoraster products and discover permeable ground stabilization built for the future.

What Is Permeable Ground Stabilization?

Permeable ground stabilization is, in short, a way to enact reliable erosion control methods while also allowing infill to receive the nutrients it needs in a number of environments.

From soil to grass to hillsides, permeable ground stabilization is an essential part of construction, landscaping, and other projects.

An Ecoraster geogrid system not only improves soil stability through its innovative use of interlocking cells, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of any project as it’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Learn more about these permeable ground stabilization products and see why they are ideal for just about any project below.

Landscaping Applications

Certain Ecoraster designs, such as the Ecoraster E30, are designed specifically to be used as grass pavers for a number of landscaping applications.

Implementing Ecoraster products into your landscaping area can create strong structural support while still allowing water and nutrients to penetrate beneath the surface.

A few scenarios and projects which would benefit from Ecoraster include:

  • Nature paths
  • Outdoor hot tub bases
  • Garden shed flooring
  • Equestrian arena flooring
  • Dog pens
  • Grass driveways

Contact B8 Ventures to get the right Ecoraster product for your landscaping needs today.

Oil & Gas Applications

Another unique benefit of Ecoraster ground stabilization matting is that it’s constructed from the most environmentally friendly, yet durable, materials imaginable. Ecoraster is built to withstand extreme temperatures, weight, and even chemicals such as oil, gas, acids, and UV rays.

That makes Ecoraster ideal for the oil and gas industry, particularly when it comes to applications such as:

  • Pump jack bases
  • Storage tank containment support
  • Drilling site stabilization

Construction Applications

The advantages of Ecoraster as a method for permeable ground stabilization don’t stop there. Whether it’s for a personal or commercial construction project, this innovative geogrid system provides the support and sustainability you need.

Ecoraster construction applications include:

  • Permeable paving
  • Erosion control
  • Hillside stairways
  • Footpaths
  • Road shoulder construction
  • Parking lots and driveways
  • Pools and decks
  • Accessible sidewalks
  • RV/boat storage
  • Temporary event parking
  • And more

Where To Buy Ecoraster

If you’re in Canada, there’s only one reliable place to buy Ecoraster: B8 Ventures. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a world-class ground stabilization system.