Are you considering permeable pavement for a new project or existing development?

If so, you might be wondering what the benefits of permeable paving can do to improve sustainability and even ground support.

B8 Ventures is here to help you find the ground support solutions you need, including and especially when it comes to permeable paving options.

The Ecoraster erosion control products provide more than just permeable ground stability — they can also help reduce or eliminate the use of de-icing salt in harsh winter conditions, therefore improving safety, while also controlling runoff water and even cool down the temperature of pavement in the opposite conditions.

Learn more about the benefits of permeable paving below and contact B8 Ventures in Canada to get your permeable paving solutions today.

Advantages of Permeable Paving in Cold Weather

In Canada, we know that the winters can sometimes wreak havoc on our walkways, driveways, and just about anywhere that we have pavement.

That’s where permeable paving comes in handy. Because of its ability to reduce runoff by trapping and releasing precipitation (rain, snow, or even ice) into the ground, permeable pavement like the Ecoraster Bloxx can drastically reduce — or even eliminate — the need to apply de-icing salt in the winter.

That not only saves you time and money, but it also improves the safety around your development — not to mention, it helps the environment by reducing the amount of pollutants and chemicals released by the salt itself.

Additionally, USGS research indicates that permeable pavement can actually store heat and release it to the surface during bouts of cold weather, which melts snow and ice naturally.

Ecoraster permeable pavers are durable, resistant to frost, and easy to install on your own. Contact B8 Ventures today to get yours.

Other Uses Of Permeable Paving

Permeable pavement is advantageous in the winter, but it can also provide a number of year-round benefits as well.

Among the uses of permeable paving and Ecoraster products include:

  • Preventing erosion by controlling runoff volume
  • Reducing concentration of physical and biological pollutants
  • Cooling temperature of urban runoff, reducing stress and impact
  • Creating a more sustainable parking lot surface

When it comes to sustainable, permeable paving solutions, B8 Ventures has you and your ground covered — literally. We are the premier distribution partner of Ecoraster products all throughout Canada.

Browse the Ecoraster data sheets to learn which product is right for your situation or contact us today to get help from the experts.