City planners, among others, know the challenges that lie before them when attempting to create a sustainable trail, road, or walkway.

There are pros and cons of each type of surface — from concrete to asphalt to gravel — but the one thing they all have in common is the constant need for maintenance and repairs.

What if there were a better way to create sustainable, permeable trails without having to worry about constant maintenance? Now there is.

With Ecoraster products from B8 Ventures, city planners, park managers, and many others can benefit from a sustainable surface which not only prevents erosion, cracking, and other problems, but also controls runoff and promotes a healthy, safe, and efficient surface.

People count on their favorite trails and paths on a daily basis — isn’t it time we gave them something better?

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Importance of Road Stabilization

There are a number of reasons why permeable road stabilization is important when it comes to building sustainable trails, paths, and roads.

For starters, constructing a trail or path without first having a stabilization solution can lead to a number of problems.

While gravel may look more naturally appealing, and asphalt may seem more cost-effective, the fact of the matter is that without proper ground stabilization, these methods will cause more problems and headaches than they’re worth.

Edges begin to crack with vegetation, precipitation and runoff can lead to displacement and erosion, and heavy traffic can ultimately cause dips and other signs of fatigue.

So what’s the solution? With permeable road stabilization matting from Ecoraster, your trail can control and reduce runoff, allow vegetation to grow and thrive without compromising the surface, and even reduce the stress and impact on the surrounding environments.

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Benefits of Permeable Trails

When it comes to building trails that are reliable, cost-effective, and most of all sustainable, Ecoraster is the optimal solution.

Not only are Ecoraster products easy to install, they are also environmentally friendly, UV stabilized, lightweight, and resistant to many chemicals and natural elements.

Additional benefits of having permeable trails include:

  • Spend less on maintenance
  • Improve lifespan of trails
  • Reduce runoff
  • Thaw ice and snow naturally
  • Allow for vegetation to grow and thrive
  • Prevent erosion

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