1. Creating Overflow Parking Without Taking Away Greenspace

    Think about the colour green for a second. What feelings does ‘green’ evoke? Some may think of money. Some may think of envy — which in turn typically goes back to money. But what about the colour green with regard to our environment? What does green mean in that context? Lush trees, springtim…Read More

  2. The Best Ecoraster Products For Equestrian Arenas

    Let’s face it: mud is a problem that owners and operators of any type of equine arena — whether it’s a barn or an outdoor riding facility — have to contend with. That’s just a fact. But here’s another fact for you: we know that Ecoraster products are the best (and most reliable) solution…Read More

  3. How To Build (And Stabilize) An Outdoor Horse Arena

    Building an outdoor horse arena — whether it’s for equestrian training purposes or simply for your leisurely hobbies — can be a costly endeavor. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly build — and perhaps more importantly, stabilize — your outdoor equestrian and/or riding are…Read More

  4. Ecoraster Geogrids — As Versatile As They Are Tough

    Versatile. Tough. Sustainable. Permeable. These are just a few of the words which encapsulate the Ecoraster geogrid system. At B8 Ventures, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly, permeable ground stabilization solutions not just for today, but for the future. The innovative Ecoraste…Read More

  5. How Does Erosion Occur?

    The old expression states, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, the Grand Canyon wasn’t formed in a day either — it took years and years of naturally occurring erosion in order to form that majestic natural wonder. But the result of erosion isn’t always quite as wondrous. Oftentimes, eros…Read More

  6. Geogrid Ground Stabilization Systems vs. Other Methods

    Whether in construction, landscaping, agriculture, the oil and gas industry, or just about any other line of work, the importance of erosion control and ground stabilization cannot be overstated. Ground stabilization is, simply put, a method which is used to improve the quality of the base layer of …Read More

  7. What Is Ecoraster Used For?

    The need for reliable, durable, sustainable, and permeable ground stabilization has been a necessity since the dawn of construction. As technology continues to innovate and knowledge around the topic continues to expand, we are finding newer and more efficient ways to reinforce the ground with which…Read More

  8. Stabilizing Pavers With X30 — Not Every Contractor Is Equal

    The first and best thing to consider when taking on any home or land improvement job is this: not every contractor is equal. It’s important that you perform your due diligence when searching for the right contractor to get the job done quickly, correctly, efficiently, and with the right materials.…Read More

  9. Things To Know Before Installing A Hot Tub

    Everybody loves a hot tub. How could they not? It’s one of the most luxuriously relaxing ways to lounge. It also makes for an ambient setting, soothes sore muscles, aches, and pains, and revitalizes after a long, hard day of work. Buying a new hot tub for the backyard can be an exciting prospect. …Read More

  10. What’s The Best Way To Stabilize Soil?

    Everybody knows that soil stabilization is important, especially when it comes to the construction of a new building, enhancing an old road, or even laying the foundation for a parking lot. But did you know that there are many different ground stabilization methods out there? it’s not always a cut…Read More