With the ever-changing and more volatile weather conditions today, along with increasing regulations around wellsites, drilling sites, and access roads in extreme demand, rig mats are experiencing global market growth. 

But the now commonplace rig mats are not the only option available and they are not the most cost and labour effective option out there.

Ecoraster’s E50 series of industrial-strength permeable ground grids are not only up to the task in terms of toughness; they offer ease of installation, cost effective re-usability, and ground stability/permeability.

B8 Ecoraster’s E50 is a good rig mat alternative

1) Easy and cost effective installation

Rig mats are heavy and require not only a minimum number of people to install, they require specialized trucks and cranes to move around. Ecoraster E50 is a lightweight product that is easily carried by 1-2 people, and can be transported and installed without special equipment.

2) Like rig mats, E50 is reusable, but unlike rig mats, they are not expensive to repair

Rig mats are reusable from job to job, but the costs get high when they inevitably break down due to wear and tear. E50 can be easily pulled out of the ground from job to job, is tough enough to sustain multiple site usage, and cheap to replace if one grid breaks.

3) Easy and cost-effective transportation: no comparison, E50 is the winner

Rig Mats are approximately 5500 pounds each, and 8’ x 40’. This means you can only get a few rig mats per truck load, and it takes heavy equipment to offload and install. By comparison you can only carry a very small amount of square footage of rig mats vs Ecoraster’s nearly 16,000 sq.ft, per truck load…and that still only weighs 3209 pounds for the entire load!

4) Ground permeability: no more water pooling on site

Unlike rig mats which can collect large amounts of water/mud/ice on the surface, E50 acts just like stable hard ground. Water goes through, and mud stays away.

5) Unlike rig mats, Ecoraster E50 is made from 100% recycled plastic, offering a green solution

Do it the most sustainable way possible. Keep the environmentalists appeased by using a product that is not only 100% reusable but it is also 100% recycled. This recycled grid decreases costs for transportation to site. Ecoraster is very cost effective.

Ecoraster E50 can be the replacement to more costly rig mats

Ecoraster E50 can be used instead of rig mats for most oilfield applications including: access road building, site ground support, pump jack installations, and containment tank base support. Ecoraster E50 is a cost and time effective alternative to rig mats.

B8 Ventures is the proud supplier for Ecoraster in Western Canada. If you would like any additional information on the above solution, we would be more than happy.