From muddy paddock, to no more mud. Keep your horses feet healthy with Eco Raster

Traditionally spring and fall in your horse paddock means one thing: mud, and puddles, and hoof trouble. Not any more, Eco Raster permeable ground grid solutions are the number one free draining base system for indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, feed areas, and high traffic areas such as gates and barn areas. Instead of boot-sucking, and hoof wetting mud, Ecoraster provides a simple, quick to install surface that stays rut-free.

Ecoraster keeps your horses clean and dry, prevents “pawing” holes, and protects hay from sand and dirt to significantly lower the chance of contamination.

How to say goodbye to the muck and mud of your horse paddock

Ecoraster goes right over your muddy horse paddock to make life betterWhat you need:

  • A geotextile fabric for placing on top of the mud
  • Ecoraster E50

The solution:

  1. Place geotixtile fabric directly on top of mud
  2. Place Ecoraster on top of fabric
  3. Fill with P-gravel or chipped stone


  • There is no ground preparation here, therefore it is easy, fast, and DIY suitable. No need to hire contractors!
  • Sub base slope needs to be 1.5-4% % to prevent puddling, but usually such areas already have enough of a natural slope.
  • Please note that the horses can be on it before filling.
  • The geotextile is defined as 0.7mm thick SPIN BONDED NEEDLE PUNCHED NONWOVEN POLYESTER GEOTEXTILE. This may in fact work with other fabric types if they are durable enough. Installed in rolls with overlap of about 4”
  • Recommended is Ecoraster E50. It may work with E40 but I would like to stick with E50 to be sure
  • The fill is with P-Gravel or chipped stone. This does not need top-filling, but if the you wish to have it then it should be with washed coarse sand.

Horses can stand on and use ecoraster before it is filled

Ecoraster for all your horse and equestrian needs

That’s it? Yes, it’s that easy to have a mud free equestrian area. More fun and safer for you and your horses

Ecoraster is fast and easy to install, and an inexpensive solution for mud which is the enemy of animal health and welfare. It can be permanent or temporary, easy to remove and re-locate if you have your horses in different paddocks. It’s all weather suitable and good for heavy equipment. And finally it saves a huge amount of muck-out time and work, so you can spend more of your time enjoying your horses, and less time cleaning up.